Getting Started – Lightning Collect

There are three ways to use the Lightning Collect Service; make payments, collect payments and collect payments through your own website.

Making Payments – Lightning Collect Bitcoin Wallet (Testnet ONLY)

Users can purchase services and set up donations without ever having to register, all you need is a Lightning Collect enabled wallet.

Quick Start Video:

  1. Download the Lightning Collect app for Android and create a new wallet – Download
  2. Select the “Your Bitcoin Address” tab and copy the address
  3. Paste your Bitcoin address into the testnet faucet to claim your free coins:
  4. In the app, select “Lightning Channels” and open a new channel to the ACINQ node (takes 20-30mins)
  5. You’re ready! Head over to and try it out

The App is only available on the Google Play store (sorry Apple users). The full version will include Android and iOS releases.

Collecting Regular Payments – The Easy Way

To start collecting regular Bitcoin payments, all you need is a couple of minutes to register on our website Once registered, you can immediately create payment schedules and begin collecting from anyone who has a Lightning Collect enabled wallet.

Collecting Bitcoin Video:

Collecting Regular Payments – API Integration

Lightning Collect can be integrated directly into websites, e-commerce platforms and existing sales journeys. To demonstrate this feature, we’ve created an example website where you can purchase a number of different services –

Merchant Integration Video