Lightning Collect

Lightning Collect is a small project developed by Ross Clelland in order to demonstrate the awesome power of the Lightning Network while also helping good causes. See more projects at www.trustedcoins.co.uk

The project and the Lightning Network are still under development so please remember that some funds could possibly be lost (although, we're using ACINQ's back-end so it should be super safe!).

How it Works
Once a charity receives £10 in Bitcoin payments, we'll donate the funds to the charity and post the receipts below so everyone can see their donations making a difference.

Do you want to Collect Donations?
If you are a content creator or want to suggest a good cause, please get in touch - ross [at] trustedcoins [dot] co [dot] uk

Future Upgrades
- Custom Donation Amounts
- Regular Payment Option
- User Accounts
- Expand to allow for Patron-like services

I'd love to hear from you, get in touch for any reason by emailing ross [@] trustedcoins [.] co [dot] uk
Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash